• An Annoying Pain Finally Put to Rest

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    It sure feels good to have health insurance again. I went for a period without it because I couldn’t afford it, and I didn’t work enough hours for my employer to provide it for me. I know a lot of people who are stuck in this same bind, and it sometimes takes a toll on their heaalth. I was having back problems that could only be dulled with a daily dosage of pain medicine. Once I was able to get health insurance, I made an appointment with a chiropractor in Cary NC to finally look at my back and see what was the cause of the pain that stuck with me like a bad habit.

    Even though I was glad to have health insurance so that I could see the chiropractor, I was still scared of that he would say about my back. The thing I feared the most was having surgery on my back. I’ve never been a big fan of surgery, even if it is beneficial or non-invasive. The thought of being put to sleep and sliced open just rubs me the wrong way. I always have thoughts in the back of my head that something might go wrong, such as me waking up during the middle of the surgery and feeling every cut.

    My fears were absolved, as the chiropractor told me that I didn’t need to have surgery. The problem with my back was being caused by a disc alignment issue, which could be fixed without even using a scapel, which was a huge relief. I had to take some time off from work after the discs were realigned, but it wasn’t long. In no time, I was up and about and ready to work. My productivity at work has even increased because I have painless motion without medication.

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